No Chemistry

by Two Man Luge

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suhrim777 Very interesting experimental post punk from the US. Some great uptempo tracks like Robots und some emotional moments like in Golden Man or Scalp. Plus experimental stuff like June Second, 1910. I`m loving it! Favorite track: Robots.
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This is a collection of music written by a collection of people.

Danny Gibney did the tracking, mixing, and mastering for this record. He's an amazing engineer and human.

Thank you for listening


released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Two Man Luge Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Flavour of the Weak
When it started up, frost bites the leaves away
blue, sick, fuck, mine.

This couldn't be farther from the truth you say?
one, two, want more?

Insatiable promotion of the common good
egg on our face

I'll see it how I like it thank you very much
nothing rebirthed from the fire

There is a house up there

And you, you're flavour of the weak

I know that you like to despair

I can tell by the crocodile tears on your cheek

Stay in your bubble
Greet only the echoes
That fit your mirror. feed me
Feed me
Feed me
Impulse to bend for the trough
Track Name: Robots
Projection, automate. Feet split open.
Make your mark, and pick your fights.
You won't ever see through.
Consult the robots in my desk drawer,
I've known them for a few years now
Manic hydrology, current flows
The essence of a time when you thought it was free

Dreams in motion weigh the same, rusted time wasted.
Don't look back through the glass, but I have to.
You don't have to pretend that you've given up,
I couldn't tell you how it was anyway.
It really means a lot that you came,
It means a lot that you came to me.
Track Name: June Second, 1910
Chased, run off
We love
To the water
A veiled face behind a thin curtain before the window
That we could go back to the backyard, on the rocks
We love
On the front steps
We love
The two of them stayed up late
he felt like he was outlasting him
You dead
Locked arms
We love
the porch steps when the truck drove by holding the chicken cages, feathers and necks and feet sticking out the sides. Back to under the tree, deep in the fury. Back to the supply depot, Back to the trailer. Back to bliss. Back to frustration. Back to the last time. The last. Back to the bells-----=-

Traditionally abortive or garrulous lest of the unbroken design I am what detrimental reasoning and breathless crying in a house underneath the boiling and crackle I am cliff face and im caught by the tree its arms break my back. The veins of the trunk pumping silence and serene half moons and im made of wax sometimes wherever the two of I are going or the half of I tracking and gestating with the gibbous

Whatever rage is made of. wherever rage goes afterwards when your scalp is sucked dry and you can’t cry on meds so you scream instead and keep driving and your center is clear of all of it and you breathe with the burden of time and energy that will have to be spent or had just been spent or ever were spent now, of ever being since your hand on your mother’s belly and after and all the seconds that lived without your knowing that you can’t see now or never saw so that even the pictures in your own head can’t be trusted but the picture from your eyes and with the words crowding up inside them and you still have to sleep and wake from it

Of course you still have to wake

Where is the dead wave?
Tunas grow like sunny sailors.
Ships die!
God, faith!
All moons love lively, rough girls.
O, courage!
Never fight a wind.
Why does the jackhammer shrink?
The old girl roughly buys the light.
Slums run like grimy hoods.
Exhaustion, desolation, and love.
Damn, exhaustion!
Gab quietly like a faceless rain.
Why does the gull grow?
Why does the blood travel?
They got the watch fixed.
I called him "the cashier".
They hear the girl crying.
Those politicians found the box empty.
I name the baby Susan.
Ships die like old mainlands.
Work, love, and noise.
Isiss endure!
All cigarettes desire small, hot slums.
Oh, noise!
They have him drive.
I got the TV repaired.
Never get a flower.
George named the dog Fido.
Those musicians kept the milk cold.
Trucks shrink!
I entice happy eruptions beyond the trees
Be watchful. The stink will die
We bend scary virgins behind the grave
in another country
Awaken! The sin is over
I named the dog fido
Luke made him cry.
We are hot in the light
a phone ringing somewhere
with what memories
So comely over the land
You grasp electric ghouls over the clouds
God! The twilight is going
Evil and mournful beyond the light
At how many harbours
my likeness
forget to go home
never knowing how
to sing, to dance, to watch "Frasier" weekly
I called him "the carpenter".
She folded her handkerchief neatly
Be transparent. The thought has vanished
greying restless
Watch the chicken sit and moulder
though none could else but mumble and grimace meekly
When I was little I had a car door slammed shut on my hand.
I still remember it quite vividly.
Track Name: Antarctica
I like swimming pools, when its cold dark and dreary
Don't go mess with that stuff, it'll make you real weary

Cause of course, you've got your headroom
It's your headroom
It's your headroom
Gotta get high on something, if you want to find it
You get it

Close the door, make a choice
Good and short, long and ugly
Time will stop long ago
Hey isn't that real funny?

Cause of course, its in your headroom, your headroom
Antarctica, feel a lot, trust your gut, the birds and bees
Antarctica, feel a lot, muster up your lady luck
Of course, its in your headroom, your headroom
Gotta get high on something, make sure you really defy
Track Name: Condolences
No time
Your quiet footsteps are temporary
For saying bye

The last look I get
Saying bye
The last look I get
Track Name: Golden Man
There is a golden man at the top of the stairs, he has long hair
As I hold the elements, he makes me feel secure
That golden man

Institutional backlash, under hanging heads
Don't it feel like a waste?
On efficiency grounds, under hanging heads
Don't it feel like a chase?

Take me to the water
(strike right down the middle, strike right in the center)
Take me under that slumber
(strike right down the middle)
It lurks in the shadows, it tugs the blanket
It strikes in the center

There is no matter involved here, with talking
(I can spend all my time here, I can watch the gears turn)

There is no matter involved here, with walking on over
(I can make a decision)

I can spend all my time here, I can watch the gears turn
(my hands try to unwind)
Track Name: Scalp
Trust your clock, give it everything
Radiation through intestines.
Pulses in rhythm
To picture it a million ways, or watch one man decay

The clock will take it back, cells multiplying

I cant remember what i saw
crumbling legs
your head on the pavement
their open mouths
In my head I can still see it
i dont know if its real
you couldn't speak after that
I can't remember what your voice sounds like
After you'd left, mom came in my room and she told me and I smiled in the dark
i didnt know what to feel so i didnt
i pushed it back, into years, to fester
Track Name: Tempestuous
It passed o’er the isle
Draining night
Tossing stones and roots
Torrential lies

I give my life to you
O, Tempest
Cleanse me in your toxic clouds
Made of words and flesh

Vegetation spewing rust
and ancient pollens
It blurred my vision
It blurred our vision

Marigolds and Honeysuckle
Running up the side
Of what we built